Why Game Sense?

Players don’t want to stand in queues waiting their turn and doing drill after drill. They want coaches to deliver an approach that is relevant to how they learn and that captures their imagination. People have an innate love of playing. Game Sense, is more than kicking a ball out and playing game. It requires skill from the coach to foster learning. This on-line programme will support you in building confidence and competence in delivering engaging, fun sessions that actually help players learn quicker.

Why this programme?

Note: this programme is universally designed for coaches of any sport. It is aimed at coaches who have a heighted interest in Game Sense and want to understand how to apply in their own context.  

The founder of The Coaching Gig, Kyle McLean is a leader in this Game Sense, where he has done work New Zealand Rugby, Sport New Zealand, Netball New Zealand and many clubs, schools and coaches. He has completed his Masters (on the topic of Game Sense) as well as applying principles in the coaching and teaching field. This programme has been carefully designed, which brings a life-time of knowledge and expertise to make a Game Sense coaching approach easily digestible for you as a coach. 

When you sign up, you'll have access to the 8 modules for 6 months, that you can work your way through: 

  1. Introduction to Game Sense
  2. How to get Buy-In
  3. Game Design Principles
  4. Skill Development
  5. Game Planning
  6. Scenarios
  7. Questioning Approach
  8. Questioning Contexts

You'll also receive regular updates, tips and ideas + workshop opportunities to engage with, which we trust will help continue building your confidence and love for this exciting approach.


Game Sense

Kris Falwasser, Community Rugby Coach

"I must admit I was a little apprehensive about this game based coaching as it's not how I was taught. However 4 weeks back in to coaching with the Women and it's pretty much all I do now. I realised girls standing around in the cold on a rainy night is not enjoyable for anyone including me. I challenged myself to teach the same principles whilst keeping the girls smiling and engaged. So far so good. Girls are ripping in at training and numbers have been great. I just thank you for opening my eyes to a new way."