Coaching Junior Rugby

Kids don't want to stand in queues waiting their turn to go through a series of drills. Drills are out, games are in! This resource will take you through the ins and outs how to design relevant practices that will engage your players and actually help them get better.

Leading Coach Programme


The Leading Coach Programme is for self-motivated people who love coaching, want to be awesome and will actually action stuff. It is one of a kind as it takes a holistic approach focusing around 3 key pillars, being ‘Leading Self,’ ‘Leading Others’ and ‘Coaching.’ You will get access to all 18 modules of content for 12 months to help shape an outstanding campaign.

Here's what others are saying about The Coaching Gig:


Kerry Hill (NZ Athletics)

"Your energetic, positive personality is rare, and your skills are inspirational. You bring a balanced, innovative and modern awareness to the coaching realm, and have a remarkable reputation amongst not only the local rugby fraternity, but a far greater outreach of which you are probably unaware."

Wayne Marsters (New Zealand Rugby)

"I have often used your team as a example of what can be achieved to support our stakeholders in innovative, creative ways especially when led by passionate, smart operators like yourself Kyle."


Smudge McNeillege (Auckland Rugby, Rugby World Cup 2019 Match Official)

"I can’t express in words how professional, but more so effervescent, you were when training me. You turned a hard slog into a place to be & left me with a skill set I didn’t have 3 days prior."